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Predicting risks means gaining in health

Each individual’s genetics, and everyday events related to their business activity, such as high-risk decision-making, nutritional imbalance, occupational conflicts or family problems, develop into ever-present threats to the good brain function of executives, and are triggers for many of their health problems.


Excess cholesterol and fats in the blood.

Cardiovascular problems

Cardiovascular diseases, associated with hyperlipidemia and arterial hypertension.

Cerebrovascular diseases

Cerebrovascular diseases and the risk of suffering an ictus or cerebrovascular accident after the age of 60.

Liver function and transaminases

Overindulgence in food and drink adversely affects liver function and causes an increase in transaminases.

Depressive disorders and anxiety

Depressive disorders and anxiety, which contribute to emotional imbalance.


Arterial hypertension and associated risks.


Hyperglycemia and type II diabetes mellitus.


Cancer (lung, digestive tract, prostate, gynecologic, breast).

“It seems strange to me that while Banks have unbending risk departments, they lack preventive programs to protect their executives against cerebral risks. I would suggest to them that they consider this paradox in our preventive behavior (or our Emotional Intelligence, as Goleman would say). Beyond the cliché, investing in health should always be a good investment, especially profitable in the medium and long term, when our strength and hopes begin to fade.”

Papeles, 2015.

Ramón Cacabelos, ramoncacabelos.org

EuroEspes is the first private company to be devoted solely to the research, diagnosis and treatment of Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, a unique initiative in Europe, and in which public and private bodies take part.

Located in Bergondo (Corunna), EuroEspes is an international referent and the leading organization in Spain in this field of activity, with pioneering patents in nutraceutical bioproducts and pharmacogenomics.

A forerunner in the inclusion of genomics into medical practice, EuroEspes places predictive medicine at the disposal of society, making it possible to keep one step ahead of prevention, and which in the coming years will become the medicine of the future.

The company was a pioneer in the launch of the first pharmacogenetic card, bearing the patient’s genomic profile in order to adjust the type of medication and its dosage according to the pathology.

EuroEspes Biomedical Research Center
Santa Marta de Babío s/n 15165 Bergondo (Corunna) – Spain
T. +34 981 78 05 05

25 years of research
1,800 international scientific publications
Thousands of genetic diagnostic studies
Hundreds of Pharmacogenetic Cards in various countries

We answer your doubts and questions about our protocol

All the tests are performed in a single day at our Medical Center in Bergondo (Corunna). The program predicts, several years in advance, the diseases that the patient may develop by means of a thorough series of physical, psychological and genomic tests.

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